Product Overview

NexClipper supports monitoring of container orchestrations on physical, virtual server, or cloud, and automated operations and resource management

Product Features

It is hard to monitor all related conditions and detect interrupted services in new infrastructure environment transferred to cloud native with current infrastructure monitoring tools.
NexClipper, supporting environment based on container and microservice, allows stable infrastructure operation with AI algorithm, anomaly detection, and service failure predictions.

Instant Data Collection and Service

Available within 3 mins once installed
Fast and convenient installation and service using agents based on Docker regardless of OS.

Supports SaaS

Enjoy instant service with SaaS
No initial investment needed 
Supports On-Premise

Container and Microservice

Supports container (Docker) and Container Orchestration (DC/OS, Kubernetes)
Suppports Microservice Performance Monitoring (API) 

AI Based Analysis and Predictions

Predicts resource utilization based on collected data, anomaly detection, and root-cause analysis on interrupted service
Offer service failure prediction  

Supports DevOps

Provide monitoring avaialble for both Developers and Operators  with cloud and container based DevOps
Connects with DevOps tools

Open Source Software

Launch open source for each module; NexClipper light, NexGate
Launch open source for all source (Planned)

Infrastructure Monitoring

Provide monitoring and performance management for infrastructure level 
– Host, containter Docker and event alarming

Host(Server) Monitoring

Host resource usage monitoring and performance management
– Host detail information
– Top Process
– CPU,MEM,Disk,Network

Native Docker Monitoring

Docker container resource usage monitoring and performance management
– CPU,MEM, Disk, Network
– Container life cycle

Event alarm and management

Event Alarming
Event Rule Management
– Event tracing
– Event map for root cause & relationship anlaysis
– Resource trgger ruleset

Container Cloud Monitoring

Support container orchestration -Kubernetes, Mesosphere, DC/OS on public or private cloud

Full Stack Dashboard 

Full stack visibility & intelligence Graphic UI and dashboard for clear information and easy management
– End to End cross container, agent and host –
– Cluster level consolidated resource management
– (Micro) Service response monitoring
– Event notice

Container Cluster 

Support DC/OS Mesos now and Kubernetes
Cluster (DC/OS) Overview
-Cluster summary
-Cluster level resource allocated and real-time usage monitoring
-Master, Task, Agent summary

Container performance

Container Resource monitoring and performance analytics
Monitoring and comparing resource usage
-Tracing container lifecycle
-Associated with event on each container

AI Analytics 

In “AI Analytics”, we provide three basic analytics for now and are adding more process.

NexCloud’s Open Source Software

Try our open source software to support container, microservice and container cluster

NeClipper Light

NexClipper light edition is the simple and easy container monitoring tool which to collects statistics, status, process, network, environment, volume, and log

NexGate – API Gateway

NexGate is NexCloud’s API Gateway made of NexEureka and NexZUUL using Spring Cloud for DC/OS. Just install NexEureka and NexZUUL and access microservices through service name without Eureka client.

NexCloud for DC/OS

NexCloud is the container monitoring and performance management solution specialized in Docker, Apache Mesos, Marathon, DC/OS, Mesosphere.