AI Based Cloud Native Application
Monitoring and  Automation 

Container Monitoring and Perfomance Management

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Full stack visibility for Container Cluster platform to monitor and assure container performance .
Root Cause for define and resolving trouble intelligent.

– Full Stack Dashboard
– Container Cluster monitoring and management
– Container native(Docker) monitoring and performance management
– Root Cause : Tracing for event, Service, Log, resource


Artificial Intelligence to software container and Microservice management , it can automatically discover, model and monitor large scale container cluster.

– Smart Events Alerts and Trigger
– Predicts resource usage
– Anomaly detection
– Failure prediction
– Preemptive problem analysis
– Analyze the root of cause



AIOps is used for big data analytics, Machine Learning, and other Artificial Intelligence to automate data collection, processing, and analysis from various sources

– Decreasing of redentdant events alerts
– Preemptive problem solving
– Automation of routine task
– Auto scaling of resource
– Prescribed failure responses 


Why NexClipper?

Monitoring and Managing Cloud Native Appplication are Challenging

Cannot monitor and manage performance Cloud Native Application with traditional tools.
Need new and automated approach to get full visibility into applications and monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize application performance

NexClipper and it’s AIOps to provide

It benefits organizations in various ways: productivity improvement at work, stable and predictable infrastructure operation and, of course, cost-saving and business stability.

Easy of use to operator and Improve Productivity

Automation of routine tasks, Eliminate the skills gap, Continuous monitoring

Stable and predictable Infrastructure Operations

Preemptive problem-solving, Proactively detect problems
Reduce alert volumes and operational noise

A cost-effective way to operate Infrastructure

Eliminate slowdown and failure rate
Improve resource utilization – resource optimization and reallocation. 

Maximize business stability and performance

Better collaboration and workflow between IT groups and business units
Positive customer experience-no customer frustration due to slowdowns

NexClipper’s Usecase

NexClieppr is the most effective Container Platform for migration, build and operation.


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